February 19, 2008

HANNELL, John (Walton) - Family Burial Vault

In his Last Will and Testament - (see: Addendum 2)John Hannell requested allotment of an area of his property, on the southern side of the Hunter River, for the construction of a burial vault. The precise dimensions were noted.

... notes from grandson, William J. Turton's diary.

The Vault, on the 'plot' of land, bordering the Hunter River, has, in due course, through the never-ceasing work of Douglas Carroll, been classified by the National Trust.
The National Trust has classified this allotment, and the Vault.

Letter 1 - 10th May, 1988

Letter 2 - 10th August, 1989

Letter 2, p. 2

Letter 2, p.3

In additional information re: this map, the 'creek' referred to was, in fact, a 'ditch' ordered dug by John Hannell, to assist in the drainage of excess water from his property.

There is also a 'metal' plaque attached to the Vault, and the writer would beg to know -

"Who the hell was Norman Muncaster, and, why was he buried in the Vault? Why does he have a plaque attached?"


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